May 11, 2013

Something Different

by selfnoise @ 5:43 pm

So, I’ve decided to re-purpose this very seldom-used blog to help out with a project that I’m working on. I’m writing transcriptions of oral dhamma talks given by various Buddhist monks that are available on the internet in audio format only. To start with this will mainly be talks given by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, but I’m hoping to branch out eventually if I stick with the project. I have been transcribing these because it helps me to absorb the teachings and also to learn how to use transcription software. I hope they are of use to you!

I may also post other things here from time to time.

A few notes:
-I don’t believe any of these talks are copyrighted, but if you are the original creator of a talk and you object to the transcription, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.
-Some of these transcriptions may be missing certain words in Pali because I could not determine the word and I am not comfortable guessing. I will try to mark these as clearly as possible.
-Since these are largely off-the-cuff oral communications, transforming them into text has involved some fun with grammar. I have tried to make these as readable as possible while preserving the original tone and ideas.
-I will include the links to the original audio whenever possible, but also see the links at right for sources.

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